A California couple says they found a hidden tool for cutting the red checker board of their house

A California man and woman who said they found the tool that makes cutting the white checkerboards on their property a breeze have said they would never use it again.

A few days ago, they found it when they were cleaning the outside of their home, and it looked like a small knife.

But it wasn’t, said their son, Matthew Burt, who has an electrical engineering degree.

They took a picture of it and then it became very clear to them that this was the real thing.

So they decided to get rid of it, Burt said.

Matthew Burt found the knife while he was cleaning out his backyard on Wednesday.

It looks like a normal knife, but the blades are curved so that they come right up into your skin.

They have to be sharp.

It’s a real tool, he said.

He took a photo of it as he was removing it from the knife, and he said it was a real sharp blade.

Burt said he thinks they are doing the right thing.

“It’s not a cheap thing, it’s not an expensive thing,” he said, “but it’s a really good tool.”

The couple said they never used the tool to cut the checker boards, and they didn’t want to buy another one.

They thought that they would just have to do it the same way every time, Bunt said.

Instead, the couple said, they’re planning to do something with the tools.

We’ve got a few things that we think are really good and we think they’re going to make our lives better.”

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