How to Make A Crochet Checkerboard Cake Stencil for Valentine’s Day

A crocheted checker board cake stencher can be a fun and creative way to celebrate Valentine’s day, even if you don’t have a cake maker or a crochet hook.

Here are the steps: 1.

Cut the cake.

Cut a square of paper or wax paper.


Press the paper or the wax paper into the cake with a crocheting hook.


Then, use a sharp knife or scissors to trim the paper away from the edges.


Add the wax or paper to the crochet hook, and crochet the paper into shapes, like this: 5.

Then add the cake, pressing it firmly against the crochet stitch as you go.

It’s easy to forget that you’re using a crochet stitch when you’re working on a cake, but it makes it easy to remember that you are working on the checkerboarding pattern.

More: 8 DIY Valentine’s Cake Stens for a Wedding Cake The checkerboards will also serve as decoration.

If you want to make them as part of a wedding cake, simply sew on a bunch of white frosting.

You can also use the frosting as an accent on your cake.

Place a few of these icing squares on the cake and let them set in the oven for 10 minutes.

Then you can decorate with them!

Here are the instructions for a Valentine’s cake stenchers: Cut a rectangle of paper with a crochet-hook.

Then place a square piece of wax paper or a wax paper in the shape of a cake.

Press it into the shape, making sure to leave some space for the sides.

Add a few white frostings to the sides and top.

Place the cake on a baking sheet.

Using a sharp chef’s knife, cut a piece of white icing into the sides of the cake as you add the frostings.

Use a crochet and/or scissors to remove the white icing.

Add white frosted sides to the top of the frosted side of the circle.

Repeat steps 2-4 until you’ve added the cake to the cake stenching machine.

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