Checkerboard Vans Set for The Sims 4

Checkerboards are back in the lineup for The Sims 4. 

The Sims franchise has long relied on the old-school gameplay of pinball, and the new set of games features a ton of familiar elements from the first four games, like mini-games, mini-bosses, and more. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the new game. 

Check out the full list of features below. 

Checkerboards: New mini-game: Checkerboarding. 

Play as a player that uses a roller coaster as their platform, racing across different sections of the track. 

Mini-boss: New mini-Boss, The RollerCoaster Kid. 

Boss can be ridden as a full-on mini-level, or as a mini-quest to complete. 

Vans: Get a new set featuring the classic pinball vans. 

The vans come in two sizes: Standard and Mini. 

In both sizes, the van can be customized, including new paint schemes, and even a new roof. 

Customize the van to your liking: The standard van has a new color scheme, a new paint scheme, and a new sound effects. 

Also, there’s a new player house, where players can store up to two new outfits. 

They can also get a new character, a “chicken” and a “cow”. 

Customization: Customizing the vans is easier than ever. 

New paint schemes: You can customize the van’s exterior paint schemes with new paint palettes, as well as a new interior paint scheme. 

There are four different paint schemes that can be purchased with money. 

A custom interior paint palette is available at the store, and you can also purchase a paint scheme to match a new outfit. 

You will also have the option of adding the van interior paint to your personal home. 

“Chicken” and “Cow” palettes are available at any time for $25 each. 

If you purchase both a “Chicken” paint scheme and a paint theme for $50 each, you can combine them to create a “Cow Paint Scheme” for $75 each.

Custom interior paint pallets can also be purchased for $5 each, which can then be combined to create the custom interior color palette. 

Additional customization options include a new background for the van, a different background for each vehicle in the game, and additional interior lighting. 

Parking: Vehicles can now park themselves, and can be moved between spaces. 

All vehicles in the park can be unlocked, including minigames, mini games, mini challenges, and lots more. 

 Checkerboard van: Checkers can be rented to rent a van, which is essentially a mini golf cart. 

Two players can rent a checkerbox van for $150 per week, and players can add more checkers to their van. 

Van owners can also unlock their own vans for a set price of $50 per week. 

Players can rent vans from the store for $20 per week if they purchase a rental van, and $50 if they rent a full rental van. 

 Mini-tour: Players will also be able to customize their mini-tours, which feature mini-mini-towers that can move across a track. 

 The mini-tunnels can also come in the form of mini-churches. 

For $20, players can purchase mini-charities, which have the ability to heal players, or offer mini-money. 

This money can then then be spent to unlock a mini church or mini-tower. 

These mini-machines can also move across tracks. 

To unlock the mini-church, players must pay $1,000. 

Minigames: There’s a ton to play with when it comes to mini-gifts. 

Each mini-event is themed with the theme of the mini game. 

 In addition to mini events, mini activities can be played on mini-tracks, mini playgrounds, mini track ramps, mini rails, and mini tracks. 

 A new mini-puzzle is also available, called The Maze. 

Maze mini-events can be completed to unlock mini-fours. 

It’s a mini mini-story where you have to find a secret passcode. 

Puzzles can be found on mini tracks and mini playground ramps. 

Additionally, there are mini challenges available in mini-ramps. 

Finally, mini game rooms are available that players can enter to complete mini-challenges. 

As a bonus, there is also a mini game called The Quiz, where the players will have to answer questions about their past life. 

Comes with a $10,000 Cash bonus. 

Cash bonus is

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