What’s new on the way to the 2018 FIFA World Cup?

The 2018 FIFA Women’s World Cup begins on Wednesday with a double-header in Brazil, and the first games of the second round are on Saturday and Sunday.

The first round starts on Sunday with the semifinals and finals, with all eight teams playing in the same venue.

The second round begins on Sunday.

The third round starts Sunday.

And the final round begins Sunday.

On Sunday, the first game of the final will be played at Estadio da Luz, which is owned by the Brazilian soccer federation.

The semifinals and final games will be held at the Estadios de São Paulo and Santos Nova Maracanã.

The semifinals and Final games will also be played in front of an audience of nearly 60,000.

The matches are scheduled to start at 2:00 p.m.

(15:00 GMT).

The 2018 FIFA Men’s World Championship begins with a single-elimination group stage on Wednesday.

Teams from 12 nations will face off in the quarterfinals.

The final, featuring the best teams in the world, will be decided by a best-of-three knockout format.

The quarterfinals will be won by the host nation, with the finals by the best-ever performance in a single match.

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