How you can make your own blue checkers

A couple of weeks ago, we shared a great idea for how you can turn a few of your favorite yarns into blue check-erboard cloth, which is a fabric that’s made with blue yarns and is perfect for creating fabric patterns.

After a few months of trying to make it happen, the pattern came to life in just a few days.

Check out how you make it, below.

Materials Needed:You’ll need the following:• 1/2 yard blue check fabric (see note)• 1-1/2 yards of white felt (see below)• 4-1.5 yards of blue fabric (optional)• yarn needle• sewing needle• scissorsFor the fabric:1-1 1/4 yard blue fabric* (optional, but recommended for this pattern)• 2-1-2 yards white felt• 1 yard of white thread (optional but recommended)• scissorsStep 1:Cut your blue fabric in half.

Cut the blue fabric into 8 equal pieces, each approximately 3-4 inches long.

For this pattern, I cut it into 4 pieces and then sewed each piece in place.

Step 2:Cut each piece into eight equal sections.

Cut each section into 8 sections.

(You can do this with a ruler, or use scissors.)

Step 3:Fold each section in half and then sew each section around the fabric.

Step 4:Sew in all four corners of each section of the fabric together.

Step 5:Felt the four corners together, then sewn the section together.

(This is a little trickier than you might think.)

Step 6:Repeat until you have 8 pieces of blue check cloth.

Step 7:Make the fabric!

Step 8:Take the blue check pattern and fold it into eight pieces.

Fold the sections of fabric together and sew them together, making sure the fabric is sewn all the way around.

Step 9:Folding the piece of fabric, you can fold it again into 8 pieces and sew it all the ways around.

Step 10:Repeat the folding process until you’ve finished 8 pieces.

Step 11:Somewhere along the way, you’ll need to stitch the ends of each piece of blue cloth together, or you might need to use two different types of stitch.

For our pattern, we used blue thread.

For more details on how to stitch, see our tutorial on how we stitch blue check patterns.

Step 12:To sew in the ends, start by making a long line with a stitch marker.

Then, with your left hand, make a small circle with your right hand, making a small knot in the middle.

Pull the thread to the side, then stitch the knot together.

Then pull the thread all the other way around, and stitch the next line of thread to secure it.

You should now have a neat little knot.

Step 13:Now you’ll want to sew in all the ends together.

Take the thread and thread two ends together, so that the two ends are attached to each other with the same kind of stitch marker that you used for the first step.

Then fold the thread through the two loops in the first line of the knot.

Then stitch the end of the thread across the top of the first loop, and the topmost loop of the second line of stitching.

Now sew the thread back into the second loop.

You can do it with a little more force, but it’s the same thing.

Step 14:With your right arm, draw a line through the center of the next piece of the blue cloth.

Now, with a pair of scissors, draw the next knot in a different direction.

Sew the line across the line, and then draw the knot in reverse.

Step 15:Repeat with the next number of pieces of cloth.

Step 16:Finally, with the last piece of cloth, take the thread from the other end of that line and sew a knot at the center.

You may need to sew the line around the knot as well.

This is a very basic knot, but you can add more details if you want.

Step 17:Now that you’ve made 8 pieces, you should have a pretty nice finished piece of yarn that you can use to stitch on the outside of your fabric.

If you want to make this piece a little longer, use a contrasting color or two to create a bit of contrast.

For the pattern, the top color is white, and for the lining, the lining color is blue.

Step 18:Now, to make the lining for your fabric, sew the blue lining onto the blue thread on the inside of the cloth.

Fold over the lining a little, then sew it in place with the remaining blue thread, which should be sewn into place.

(Note: This step is important, because it will help make sure the blue stitching is still in place.)

Step 19:Next, stitch a small triangle into the inside corner of the pattern piece.

For your fabric lining, you want

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