How to avoid becoming a zombie checker board van outfit

There’s a new zombie checkers game in town, and it’s one you’ll be hard-pressed to find on the streets of your hometown.

That’s because the new game has you and your family in a house full of zombies, with no escape.

According to the game’s creators, the goal is to keep your family alive by hiding and being a zombie in a home filled with zombies.

The game, called Zombie Checkers, was created by The American Conservatives, a nonprofit group that advocates for responsible gun ownership and firearm safety.

The group has created a website, the Zombie Checkerboard, and created a video about the game.

The website’s description says the game is a “challenging, immersive zombie survival simulation.”

It’s designed for adults and children ages 8 to 18.

The premise of the game involves having a house filled with zombie-infested people, so you don’t want to go home to the house full, according to the website.

The American conservatives have also created a series of zombie survival videos to help kids prepare for the game, which will run for 12 episodes.

If you want to try Zombie Check on your own, the site has instructions for how to do that.

If your kids want to play Zombie Check, they can check out the videos at this link.

For the record, if you’re wondering what to do if you decide to play, the American conservatives says that they “want the world to know that the American Conservative values the sanctity of life.”

We’ve reached out to the American Conservatives for comment.

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