What the heck is diy-checkerboard?

In the new year, we should be able to enjoy Diy-Checkerboard in all its unbridled fun, as the first official Nintendo Switch game is ready to hit the streets.

But before we can even get to that, we have to make sure that Nintendo can get it right.

And we’ll need to find out that for Diy, at least.

A lot can change in two months.

The game was originally designed to showcase Nintendo’s new console, the Switch, but was ultimately cut due to its launch date being pushed back.

The Switch is now slated for release on March 3.

To find out whether the Switch will deliver on that promise, Nintendo will need to get it into stores.

So far, that hasn’t happened.

Nintendo says DiyCheckerBoard is now available in retailers, and the company is making a video announcing the game’s availability.

But if Nintendo has made any progress in getting its Switch games to retail shelves, that’s a problem.

Nintendo can’t afford to wait too long to get the Switch into the hands of consumers.

We can only hope that it can get Diy on shelves, but Nintendo hasn’t made any announcements about when or where the Switch is supposed to arrive.

It’s a tough sell for a console that hasn�t launched yet, and it�s a bad sign for a system that is already suffering from shortages.

Nintendo needs to get DiY out of the door as soon as possible.

Nintendo is still looking for the right balance between the game and the console.

Diy’s multiplayer mode, which is available only for the Switch in Japan, is also only available in Japan.

But it has been confirmed that Nintendo will be shipping the game to retailers in the US and Europe sometime in early 2019.

The company doesn�t have any further details on when or to what platforms Diy will be released.

It also has yet to announce how many games it plans to ship with the Switch.

That�s going to require Nintendo to release more games.

The Nintendo Switch will be available for preorder at retail stores and online starting on March 4.

The first batch of Diy games will be launched for pre-order on March 9, according to Nintendo.

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