Watch this space for the first trailer for Checkerboard Dogs 2!

Checkerboarding’s classic checkers are returning to the series’ world, with a new trailer featuring a pair of checkerboards that look more like a house than a van.

The trailer opens with the two vans’ classic checkering style and then transitions to the two checker boards’ different look, with one van resembling a garage floor and the other a checker board cookie.

Checkers are a traditional style of decoration in many homes, but in the video, one van’s look is a bit more modern, while the other van is based on the classic look from the 1970s.

The checkerboarding vans are based on a house-like design that could have been made by an artist using real houses.

Checkerboards are the latest way for people to decorate their homes, and some are even known for their ability to create intricate designs.

Checkerboards have been a part of pop culture for years, with their popularity growing as the style has become more mainstream.

The look is so popular that some of the most popular videos of 2017 have been based on checker-based house designs.

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