What you need to know about Uber’s ‘checkerboard’ checkout strategy

The checkerboarding process is an integral part of Uber’s checkout process, with Uber asking drivers to show them a number of numbers, to indicate if a customer wants to make a purchase or is waiting for something else.

In some instances, Uber drivers can use the checkerboards to verify that they’re getting the right items.

However, Uber is also trying to change the checkout experience.

It recently announced a new payment option, which is a new option to use that will allow drivers to pay for items with their smartphone and to verify they’re buying what they said they were purchasing.

According to the announcement, the new option will be rolled out to drivers later this year, while the current checker board option will only be available for drivers with a pre-existing relationship with Uber.

As for the new payment method, Uber said that the new approach will allow for the use of smartphones for the payment process.

“The checkerBoard payment option is for those drivers that are already in a relationship with our payment partners that have access to their smartphone,” Uber said.

“As a result, this payment option can also be used by any Uber driver who is eligible for the check-in payment option.”

In addition, Uber has begun offering UberX riders the option to pay with a smartphone to verify a purchase, but it doesn’t provide details about how the payment will work.

Uber also has announced that it is working on the next version of its checkout experience, which will allow riders to make payments using their phone instead of using a cashier’s check or cashier-presence machine.

This will allow the payment to be processed with less risk of fraud and to allow for a quicker checkout process.

Uber announced that they are also introducing a new mobile payment app that will be available to UberX drivers in the coming months.

The new app will allow UberX passengers to pay in either cash, credit or PayPal.

The payment app will have a number on its front end that shows the number of available payments, while also displaying the number and value of each payment.

Uber has also started offering discounts for customers who book a ride through their mobile wallet app.

For example, when a rider orders a ride on the UberX app, Uber will deduct the cost of the trip from the total cost of their UberX trip.

This means that when a driver book a UberX ride, the driver will get a discount of 25 percent.

This change in pricing for UberX is only possible because of the integration of Uber with Paypal.

Uber has been partnering with PayPal since 2015 to accept their credit card payments.

However PayPal has only recently begun to support the UberPay system, and this means that drivers have not been able to use the payment option.

As a part of this, Uber recently released an app update that includes a feature called “Payments from iPhone.”

The new feature will allow users to pay a fee of $1.99 when they use a smartphone app for UberPay.

However, the app will only accept PayPal and Visa, which means that Uber is not yet ready to accept credit card.

The update comes after the company announced last month that it was adding support for a number new payment methods to Uber’s payment app.

These include PayPal, MasterCard and Visa.

The update is expected to be released later this month.

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