Biker shorts, checkerboards and checkers on the road

The Fox News Channel is rolling out a series of checkerboarding shorts and checker boarders, the first of which is a teaser for a new Fox show titled “Checkerboarders.”

In the teaser, two men are playing checker boards on a playground, and the first one says, “I’m a checker, and you’re a check.”

A checker says, Yes, that is a great line.

The second man says, Well, you’re not a check, you’ve got a check.

The second man then asks, What is that?

The third man says that is very interesting.

The third man then says, I don’t know, I’ve never heard of a check and I can’t figure out what that means.

The checker responds, That’s what I’m calling checkers.

“Checkerboarding is a form of board gaming, where players try to make their boards match their opponents.

The games are typically played with a marker or dice, and can be played for hours.

Checker boards have become a big trend in recent years, especially among young kids, but they can be very difficult to learn.

Checkers are often played with different colored markers, with each player drawing a different color to match their opponent’s.

Checkers are typically scored by counting the number of spaces between their own colors.

Checkerboard games are very popular among young people, especially girls, but a recent study found that most people in the United States are playing them in a way that is disrespectful to women.

It is also used by the girls of checkers.”

Check the board” is a catch phrase in checker-based games to make a child or young person think the game is really hard.

It is also used by the girls of checkers.

In one video, a girl says, How many numbers do I need to find my checker?

The game asks the girl to indicate the number on her board, and then tells her she has to “move the checker” on the board to find her checker.

The video shows how the game can be difficult for young girls.

In one scene, a young girl asks a girl with her mommy help if she can get her checkers to move on the checkers, to which the girl replies, I can check them.

The mommy tells the girl that she has the right to play the game and she can move the check.

In another video, the girl is shown moving the check and it appears to work.

A checkers player responds, Yeah, that’s what you get for asking for help.

In this video, however, the check can be tricky because the player can only move the center of the board, so the player has to move the pieces in the opposite direction.

A checker is a board game that allows players to “score points,” according to a website called “The Game of Life,” a way of counting how many spaces are between the players’ colors.

In checker games, players use their own markers or dice to mark the spaces between two players.

The games are played on a board with different colors, and each player tries to move their checker to match his opponent’s score.

The game was created by the makers of checkering, a popular children’s game that encourages children to play by counting how often their color changes.

Checkering is also known as the “game of life” because the goal of the game, which is played on two boards, is to keep track of the number and color of spaces.

Checking is often seen as a sport, but in the past it has also been used as a way to promote good citizenship.

The number of check spaces between the two players is important because it determines whether a player gets to keep their checkers or whether he loses them.

Checkboarding, however it is played, can be extremely difficult for children, according to experts.

“When a kid gets to the point where he’s struggling with the game to get it to be a little more like checkers,” said Lisa Rugg, professor of educational psychology at Indiana University, “he’s going to have difficulty with it, and he’s going, I have to get my checkers up to that level of competence, and that’s not going to be easy.”

Rugg said the games are not necessarily harmful to children’s brains, but that it is important to remember that the checkering is a way for children to practice.

“There is an assumption that if you have a problem in your mind, you should just start working on it, but I think that’s a big mistake,” Rugg said.

In addition to children,

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