How to buy antiques and checkers for $1,500 and up in Canada

A small antiques shop in Alberta is selling antiques for $2,000.

The shop, Montessori Checkerboard Antiques and Collectibles, was opened in March 2016 by David and Joanne Schreiber.

“It was always kind of an odd place to be for us,” said David Schreib.

“But as we started to do more work with the business, we kind of grew to really like that location,” said Joanne.

“We really like it, and we’re really happy that we’re doing that here,” said the Schrebiets.

The family started out as a couple and had a knack for antiques.

“There were lots of things that were in our garage,” said Dave Schreb.

“A lot of things had to be removed,” said wife Joanne, “like a lot of the antique furniture that we owned, the furniture in our house.”

Montessori Antiques is one of four Antiques Canada stores, along with the Antique Shop of Ontario, that sell antiques, vintage furniture and collectibles.

The Schrebs started as a small family business, but now have grown to a family business with about a dozen employees.

The Schrebies also sell antique books, clothing and accessories for sale in the store.

They sell the antiques on their own and sell through several retailers, including the Canadian Antique and Vintage Centre in Toronto.

“They sell everything from antique items like watches, jewelry, china to collectibles like cars,” said Paul Schreibus.

The Antique shop is located in the basement of a home on the east side of Edmonton.

It has a small kitchen and a bathroom and a small living room.

“The kids really love the place, and they just really enjoy that there’s something different there, you know?

I think it’s really good for them,” said Mrs. Schrebis.

The couple has an antique car collection.

“I have some pretty pretty nice cars, and I’ve also got some nice old radios,” said husband David Schreb.

“And I have a lot that I’ve never even been able to find out about, so I’ve been really happy to find that out,” said his wife.

“You just have to go to your car and take it apart, and then you’ve got it all sitting right here in the home, waiting to be repaired,” said their son David Schrab.

The store sells antiques through online and at retail outlets.

The online sales are available online, at the and at the Canadian Vintage Centre.

The house has been filled with antiques from all over Canada.

“For me, it’s just the way I look at it, it has a lot to do with being a mom, and being a family,” said Mr. Schreb, “So, it was definitely something that I had to do.”

David Schrebus says the Schreb family has been very fortunate to be able to afford to live in Alberta.

“It’s been an awesome experience, and it’s helped us get to know each other a lot better, and to see where we could grow and grow and that kind of thing,” said her husband.

“So, we’re looking forward to continuing to be here and doing the best that we can, and that’s the main goal,” said Ms. Schretab.

Montessorian Antiques was opened by the Schribs with help from their parents, Joanne and David Schremi.

It currently has one staff member and two customers.

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