Which are the best checkers for a summer vacation?

The new “Summer Checkerboard” series by designer Vans.

The brand is launching the new line of shirts in the fall.

Vans “Summer Watch” series consists of a new pair of denim jeans with a “summer watch” logo on the chest. 

The brand will release two pairs of the jeans in July, and the third pair will arrive in August. 

Both the jeans and shirt will be available for purchase at Vans locations and online.

The brand has also launched the “SummerCheckerboardSummer” line of watchbands.

The “SummerWatch” series features a watch band with a different color to the “summit watch” style. 

Vans SummerWatchSummer Black  is a black band with the slogan “sumter watch” on the front. 

This style is available for pre-order through September 28 at Vamp.com.