Why Nike’s Nike checkerboards aren’t a trend

Nike has become a staple of summer wear in recent years, but a new look at the company’s checkerboarding shirts has some fans confused.

As part of the company on-court and in-store campaigns, Nike’s checkers have a new design with stripes that give the shirts a more classic look, according to a new feature by The Hill.

The feature focuses on the new Nike checkers, and the look is more “dapper” than previous iterations, according the article, which also points out the company hasn’t always been a trendsetter with its checkers.

The article, however, also notes that Nike has seen its checker boards go on to become a popular fashion accessory, and has a loyal following in the industry.

While some are calling the checkers “naked,” the new design is still in its infancy.

For instance, Nike also announced this summer that the company would introduce its first-ever men’s and women’s athletic sneakers, but has yet to release details on those.

The company also said it was introducing its first men’s skateboard boots in 2019.

While the Nike checkeroos are still a few years off, the company did announce a line of shoes in 2018, and a line in 2019, but only in select markets.

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