Trump: I’ve ‘got a lot to say’ on his tax plan

President Donald Trump is continuing his long-awaited tax reform push as his team continues to hammer out details of the plan.

Trump said Wednesday that he would deliver his tax overhaul plan “very soon,” and that he expects it to be “very, very, very good.”

In a news conference after a meeting with House Republicans, Trump said he was confident the plan would be “good.”

But Trump did not address the specifics of his tax reform plan, which has been largely shrouded in secrecy, and the White House declined to offer a timetable for unveiling it.

The White House is working with House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to craft a legislative framework that could be unveiled as early as next week.

Trump said the plan will include a number of changes, but did not offer any specifics.

“I’ll give you a very good date and a very, really good time to unveil this plan.

I think I’ll have a very early date to announce it very soon,” Trump said.”

It will be a good deal for middle-class families.

It will be good for small businesses.

It’ll be good, I think, for the American people.

It’s a good, solid plan.”

Trump also defended his decision to delay the scheduled rollout of the House tax bill until the end of the year.

“You have to get it done,” he said.

“I’m going to be very, good.

It is very important for our country.”

The tax overhaul is expected to include many of the same tax breaks and other changes as the GOP-led House bill that passed the House last month, but Trump has yet to offer details on how he would pay for the legislation.

The House bill contains a number in the billions, including a reduction in the standard deduction and the elimination of the child tax credit.

“We’re not going to take a $500,000 deduction.

We’re going to eliminate it,” Trump told reporters at a news briefing on Wednesday.”

And we’re going back to the very, simple deduction, which means, if you take that, you’ll get nothing out of it,” he added.”

The plan is very, many things, including eliminating the itemized deduction, eliminating the child credit, eliminating taxes on investments and businesses, which we think are the best for our nation.

We are not going back.”

Trump is expected on Thursday to outline his tax proposal in a speech to Congress.

But that speech has been subject to a series of changes and may not be as complete as the House bill.

Trump has previously indicated that he may use the tax bill to lower the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 15 percent, and he has indicated that the Senate tax bill would also eliminate the personal tax deduction.

“When we get this bill, I’m going a tax plan that will be very big, and it will be much, much, more than that.

And you’re going, ‘Oh, well, I guess you can’t do that,'” Trump said in May.

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