How to make a zappos van checkerboards mens shirt

Checkerboard shirts are an American tradition, but they are a popular choice for men.

And here’s how to make them for yourself.

The instructions are simple: put some fabric around the shirt, add a few stitches to the front and back, and you have a very stylish tee.

The shirt looks like a zebra but is actually a rectangle with two halves.

The front is round, and the back is square.

The sleeves have a little zigzag at the bottom and you can put a few buttons on the top.

The pattern comes from a book called Checkerboarding by the author Chris Taylor, who lives in California.

You can find it on Amazon.

The tee looks like it could be used for any occasion, but it’s particularly useful for parties or work-outs.

Here’s how you do it.

Cut two rows of buttons.

Pin a button at the centre.

Add a stitch at the back.

Sew a button to the middle.

Cut a line around the centre, starting at the edge and working your way up.

Repeat this process to create two pieces of buttons, one for the front, one on the back, two on the sleeves and one at the waist.

Pin the buttons together, stitch them together and pin the bottom to the other pieces.

Sew the two together and trim the excess fabric to the shape of your shirt.

Sew on the buttons to the shirt.

To make the back piece, sew the edges together with two rows, making sure to make the seams the same length as the button rows.

Pin together two rows and sew a button across the middle, sewing it into the edge of the button.

Pin along the seam and pull the seam closed.

Pin on a button.

Repeat the process for the other side.

Use the bottom of your tee as a pattern for your other shirt.

Use a crochet hook to make small loops on either side of the buttons.

Place the buttons on a piece of fabric, stitch the loops to form a round, fold the top over and pin it closed.

Then fold the bottom over the top of the fold, pin it down and sew it together.

Take the top and pin down to make two pieces.

Take your tee and add a stitch to the bottom.

Sew along the bottom until you have an unbroken line that extends from the front of the tee to the back of the shirt and then sew it down again to form an even line.

Cut out a triangle of buttons with a crochet needle and place it at the top edge of each piece of tee.

Repeat for the second piece.

Use your crochet hook, cut out another triangle and add another stitch to each side of each button.

Sew them together to form one large button, pinting the top closed and sewing the top shut.

Sew your back piece together using the top as a template.

You’ll need to use a few scraps of fabric for this to work, but make sure it’s clean and shiny.

Add some stitches to each end of the piece to make it a square.

Place your buttons on top of each other, making two rows at the edges and stitch a line down the centre to form two triangles.

Cut the ends of the triangle off and add some buttons to each corner.

Pin them together.

Sew together your back pieces and make two square triangles.

Take one of the triangles and sew along the edge to form the back triangle.

Pin it shut, fold it over and sew in place.

Now sew along its length, pin down the top open and sew your back triangle to the top with the top piece.

This will form the sleeves.

Now add the bottom piece to the tee.

Pin both pieces together with the same crochet hook.

Sew up one side of your sleeve and then stitch along the edges to form each triangle.

Sew it shut and pin closed.

Sew around the edge, pin in place and pin shut.

Cut off the ends and make a big triangle with a stitch along its centre, sewing along the top edges to make an even triangle.

Repeat with the other triangle.

Make a little loop along the outside of the back to hold it closed and then pin closed with the bottom opening.

Sew in place, trim and fold the side closed.

Take it apart and pin to make three buttons.

You may have to make more adjustments to the design to get the correct fit.

Cut one of your triangles and add two buttons.

Sew through the centre and down the seam of the other one.

Pin these to the two triangles and stitch along them, joining at the end.

Cut three more triangles from a length of yarn and sew them in place to make four triangles.

Sew both triangles together, making a triangle with two pieces, the top right and the bottom right.

Sew one to the inside of the top triangle, the bottom left and the top bottom, making three triangles. Pin

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