How to check your gemstones for authenticity

Gemstones can be hard to find, but there are ways to check them for authenticity.

Here’s how to check the quality of a gemstone.

What to look forWhen you have a stone that looks like it’s been polished, polished on, or polished down, you know it’s a gem.

But a stone with a rough texture, such as the look of a marble, could be a fake.

And even when a stone has a smooth texture, it may be a real gem.

For instance, the color of a diamond may not be the same color as the stone it’s stamped on.

Or a stone may have a texture that’s too smooth to be genuine.

If you can see a grain on a stone, it means that the stone is fake.

The grain is the natural, undisturbed, or “dry” part of the stone.

A stone’s grain is what makes it hard to break down, and it can be as little as one percent.

But when you can detect a grain, it’s the real deal.

For example, a diamond with a grain of about 1 percent will have a diamond that’s less than a millimeter thick.

But if you can’t see a single grain, the stone might be fake.

A gemstone with a millimetre or less of grain will be fake because it’s too fine.

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