How to Make the Perfect Sweater: The Perfect Sweatpants, for Men, Women, and Children

New York’s most iconic sweaters are available for purchase online, but the best way to create the perfect pair of sweaters is to make one yourself.

If you’ve ever wanted to add an edgy edge to your summer look, check out these new sweaters for men and women, or simply try out a simple pattern and see what happens.

Check out our favorite men’s sweaters and women’s sweats.


White Tie Vintage Sweater (100% Cotton, 10.75oz.) 

Men’s Style: Casual The White Tie vintage sweater from Vintage Collection, designed by David P. Dyer, is one of the most popular men’s sweater brands, and the vintage-inspired silhouette is the perfect way to dress up your summer wardrobe.

It features a white tee-shirt with a collar and a white collar, while a white tie with a gray tie and a grey tie.


Black Tie Vintage sweater (100%, Cotton, 9.5oz.)

Men’s Type: Casual, Vintage, Vintage-inspired, Retro, Modern The Black Tie vintage-styled sweater from Urban Outfitters, designed and hand-sewn by Robyn Bowery, features a black collar with white and gray stripes.


Navy Vintage Sweaters (100, 100% Cotton) Men, women, and children (ages 5-18): Classic, Classic-inspired The classic classic-inspired navy vintage sweater is a great alternative to traditional wool sweaters.

It is made from 100% cotton, so it will not get cold, and it features a navy and black striped collar and collar and sleeve detail.


Cotton Sweater Classic (100%) Men and women (ages 18-35): Trendsetter The trendsetter cotton sweater from Gourmand makes a great summer sweater.

It has a vintage look with classic print on the sleeves, neckline, and waistband, and a classic neckline and a black zipper closure.


Faux Sweater (100% Wool, 10% Cotton), Classic (70% Cotton)*Men and men (ages 35-60): Rising Star The faux faux-sweater is a classic-looking sweater that is made of 100% wool and 100% polyester, making it a great choice for a summer-appropriate look.


Fade To Black Vintage Sweat (100%), Classic (50%) (Fade To Gray) (50%)Women and women aged 50 and older: Cooler The fade-to-black vintage sweater has a cool, casual vibe with a retro vibe.

It uses a classic wool design, and features a blue collar and white collar and sleeves.


Classic Vintage Sweatshirt (70% Wool) Women and men aged 50-65: Colder The Classic Vintage sweatshirt from The Collection is a cool-weather option, with a vintage-looking design with a classic collar and an old-school collar and cuff detail.


Black-and-White Sweatsuit (60%) Women (ages 25-35) and men (ages 35+): Cool (Cooler) The black-and, white-and sweater is the ultimate fall/winter wardrobe staple.

It comes in a cool navy, grey, and white, with white detailing.


White-Tape Vintage SweAT (50% Wool & 50% Cotton)–(70%) Sweater White-Taped Vintage Sweating Trousers is an essential winter style for men, and men’s turtlenecks are a great way to add some style to your winter wardrobe.

These versatile turtleneck sweaters feature a white shirt, white collar with a white and black stripe, and blue collar.


Vintage-Inspired Sweat Pants (75% Cotton & 50-80% Polyester) Sweatpants The Vintage-Innovative Sweat Pant from Vivid has a retro feel to it with a pair of vintage-style jeans and a vintage print on both the thighs and the legs.


Vintage Sweated Shorts (90% Cotton-30% Polyesters)–(50% Cotton–50% Polymers)–(10% Cotton)(50%Polyester–10%Polymers)–50%Cotton–50%)(50-70%Polyesters–50)Women (age 30+) and men(age 35+): Sweated (Sweater)–(Sweated)–(Classic-inspired) The classic-stylish vintage shorts from American Apparel feature a cotton knit and a striped collar with an elastic waistband.


Vintage Lace Sweater with Tie (100%-polyester

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