Which are the most popular restaurants in the United States?

The latest national survey from real estate firm Trulia has found that the popularity of popular restaurants varies across the country.

For example, many Americans say they have never been to a place in their neighborhood, but that they enjoy dining there when they are in town.

Trulia also found that Americans generally eat out about four times a week, but in certain areas it’s more common to eat out more than once a week.

The latest Trulia data shows that the number of people who are “daily” diners has more than doubled in the last 20 years, from 9 percent to 21 percent.

The biggest food-and-wine hotspots for Trulia customers include the New York City, Chicago, Miami, San Francisco, Dallas, Houston and San Diego.

Foodies and beer drinkers in Texas are also the most avid.

Texas leads the country in average beer consumption per capita, at 4.8 liters per person per day.

Texas has the fifth-highest beer consumption in the country at 8.1 liters, followed by the District of Columbia, New York, Washington, D.C., Chicago and Los Angeles.

For the top 10, the survey shows that Chicago, Houston, Dallas and San Francisco are the top three cities for daily beer drinkers.

In the top five are Atlanta, New Orleans, Seattle and Denver.

The survey also showed that people who live in major metropolitan areas are more likely to eat at a local restaurant, such as the New Orleans restaurant the Black Dog, and are more than twice as likely to go to a popular restaurant in a major metro area.

“We find that many Americans are willing to take the risk and pay more to visit local businesses, while others are willing and able to simply eat at home,” said Josh Silverman, president of Trulia, in a press release.

“This means that we see a wide range of trends and trends across the nation, from more frequent and frequent visits to smaller and smaller eateries, as well as more frequent visits in areas with more frequent visitors.”

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